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Essex Conservatory

Choosing the right style of conservatory or orangery for your property can be daunting, you can choose from the more traditional styles to the more contemporary styles.

At Essex Conservatories we understand how important it is to initially choose the right style, a conservatory has to fit in with the existing style of your property, blend in with the surrounding areas and most of all a space that will be lived in and utilised to its full potential.

Essex Conservatories offer a huge range of styles and designs, listed below are some of the many you can choose from:-


Modern and contemporary conservatory designs are a great way to embrace the continually evolving new materials and technology available. When it comes to design they can be equally as practical as the more traditional types of conservatory and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



Essex ConservatoryOrangeries are becoming more popular as they really bring something different to a property. They used to popular for growing fruit and plants that were more exotic and native to sunnier climes. They are now becoming a very elegant addition to your property which enable light to flow through the lantern shaped roof and tall windows. Orangeries usually have side walls constructed from stone or hardwood.



The Victorian style conservatory is one of the most popular; it has a rounded effect bay front and has a ridged roof. The Victorian style usually has three facets although it can be styled to have five or more to give the conservatory a more rounded appearance. This style is suitable for many house types, it is also known as a Gable End conservatory.



The Edwardian style is also known as the Georgian, this is a stylish classic conservatory that is rectangular or square in shape. This type of conservatory typically has square and straight profiles, no angular pieces or curves.


Garden Rooms / Lean To

Garden rooms, lean to, sunrooms or even garden offices are becoming a popular addition to ever increasing households. If you don't want the glare of the sunshine coming through your room then you can opt for a tiled roof which would also blend in more easily with your house.


Pool Enclosures

A swimming pool or hot tub enclosure can add an environment that is useable in all conditions and seasons, perfect for the uncertain weather we often have. A range of styles and materials utilising a range of different materials can help to create an innovative design that can be used and at a budget that is suitable to you.

If your interested in building your own conservatory, take a look at the DIY Conservatories.