Essex conservatories

Essex consevatories

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Essex self cleaning conservarory roof

self-cleaning glass for conservatory roofs

welcome to the days latest entry on Essex conservatories blog this is an interesting subject today as over many years it’s become available with common knowledge that there is self-cleaning glass for conservatories now

It’s not new to the industry that Pilkington’s the major number one supplier of glass in the United Kingdom has been manufacturing self-cleaning glass for conservatories for many many years now

Essex conservatories has been installing this particular type glass he has a molecular layer that sits on the top of the glass and as it rains or everything falls on it it doesn’t actually idea to it a bit like a non-stick frying pan

The massive benefit of this is when you have your local nature things like birds and animals poo on your roof by way of nature itself it is washed away by the rain

This type of glass is quite expensive and can be considerably added to you for your conservatory but please bear in mind they can range from £100 per square metres Plus

Essex conservatories have been installing as we said in a paragraph above for many many years this particular type of class has a very slight tint of blue to it so please be under no illusion that is totally clear only this is apparent in certain times of the day when the sun hits the roof

It also has heat retention qualities as well because we’ve Essex conservatories we feel the painted glass with argon gas which reflects the heat back in but keep all the nasty things like ultraviolet light out of his conservatory this is the type of thing that discolours items like your carpets and your rugs

Please feel free at any time to call Essex conservatories we are not a large company although we don’t confess either to be the cheapest on the internet on the market but we are a great believer in providing quality and peace of mind that your construction is 100% and the installation is also 100%

We operate a seven day in house sales presentation of all our productsl



Essex conservatories lean-to

Good evening

There are many different types of styles of conservatories and all the wonderful tinea shapes and sizes but the most popular one of us has to be the lean-to conservatory

Here it is conservatories we have installed many lean to conservatories the functionality and usability conservatory is absolutely to be utilised at all levels

It goes without saying it’s very desirable to look at it usually sits on a 600mm dwarf wall from the other frame sitting a top with a glass the doors could be located at either end and in some examples there can be a flank wall which gives you a complete desirability Factor if you want to put big TVs or fridge freezers on that anything large like a mirror

It goes without saying is called a lean-to because obviously the roof the roof type being flat which is quite normal this can incorporate all different types of sizes of polycarbonate as well as self cleaning glass

The angle of the roof is anywhere between 5 and 10 degrees to make sure that the water falls off into the guttering

We hope you have enjoyed our blog of Essex Conservatories and hope to hear from you should you need a fix quotation for your lean-to conservatory


Edwardian conservatories Essex

It’s worth taking the time to sit back and reevaluate the type of conservatory that suits you and your needs best

The most popular and desirable one that comes to light is the Edwardian tiled conservatory is extremely functional and user friendly with his high ceilings and elegant shaped walls there’no question about it that the Edwardian conservatory is by far one of the best Styles and example for any potential customer that is seeking for a conservatory to be seriously considered

Hear Essex conservatories we have installed many different sizes of Edwardian conservatories the inside of them are finished up with a wonderful Elegance window board enhances their natural beauty of the conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory supplied by Essex conservatories can come in a variety of sizes in whips and projections this is all down to accessibility of the clients property and of course the actual budget

But there are no set parameters for this beautiful conservatory please take a look at the website and you will see that we have carried out many installations of Edwardian conservatories in the borough of Essex

Essex conservatories deliver high quality and affordable conservatories at realistic prices we are not the cheapest within the borough of Essex but we are providing of excellent quality and service and aftercare second to none so if your search for conservatory for your home they were not contacted is conservatories it will be a pleasure to meet you in person and conduct your own home survey and requirements of your needs for your conservatoryCalll us today for a free estimate


P shaped consevatories Essex

The design and the shape of a p shaped conservatory fundamentally is unique and extremely friendly usability

It can be mostly utilised by having a dining area situated to one side of the conservatory generates the lean-to side this can incorporate easily a six-seater table with 8 chairs then this would lead onto the bell shape squid area which is the largest side of the conservatory on the other side

I thought you never close this is quite expensive conservatory designed well in proportion as extremely functional and user-friendly ideal for a playhouse or then log evening something to enjoy a glass of wine during your wonderful garden

Essex conservatories design and manufacture many types of conservatories but ideally the most popular one of all must be the pe8 because of his elegant design and shape and style enhancing any home and as we said before bringing in your garden to your home.

This particular type of conservatory starting costs or anywhere between 15 and £20,000 depended on the final details this could include a glass self cleaning roof system as well


Luxury consevatories in Essex

We are Essex conservatories adopt a different type of approach to Mum we are trying to advise and what would be the best possible type of conservatory to suit your needs as well as making your home more desirable from all aspects

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From the outset how consultant will clearly make a list of all your requirements for your conservatory I work out every find last bit of detail that meets your needs and suits your budget

Essex conservatories are expert installers and you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands with a quality and build and desirability Factor as well built into it

Call Essex conservatories I’m a Tina finally standards using stainless steel hinges including sheradised screws as well this gif shoe built-in security knowing that the rain water won’t affect any of your internal working components

Even the friction hinges that work your actual window have a built-in graphite block that lubricates the hinge automatically without any need of servicing whatsoever

How beautiful conservatory speak for themselves but to be quite honest with you we are not the cheapest conservatory company I’m sure there are many companies based in Essex that are cheaper than us unfortunately our products shines through Time After Time

We have installed over 100 conservatories in the borough of Essex in the last three years we are not a large company out there but rest assured you are in more than capable hands



Essex Conservatories

We at Essex Conservatories would like to take this introduce our consevatory range to you.

We offer a large range of consevatories made to measure .with a full range of colours to choose from the list is endless.

We have been supplying and fitting consevatories in Essex now for over 15 years now .We are not the cheapest in our range but the quality speaks for its self.

Why not call us with a view of letting us supply a fixed quotation in the comfort of your own home.

We are part of a group of companies based in Essex

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Southend conservatory installer

Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of Essex conservatories blog today the company will be starting a new project in Southend-on-Sea the client has bought a conservatory a p shaped conservatory of Essex conservatory

It is Spain’s 6 m across and it projects from the building 3M this will be a wonderful beautiful elegant style conservatory it white PVC you

We would estimate around one week for the full installation at this wonderful beautiful products this particular conservatory the customer has requested and paid for a glass roof this particular glass roof is self cleaning the actual glass is made by Pilkington and it is impregnated with a microfilter that cleans away any residue made by aviation fuel by the waist of birds

If you live in the area of Southend-on-Sea and I thinking about having a quotation for a conservatory call Essex conservatories now as it will be a pleasure to service you with your free quotation for your luxury and affordable conservatory

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Southend-on-Sea bi-folding door suppliers

Welcome to the latest edition and update of Essex conservatories blog we are specialist contractor that supply and fit luxury and affordable conservatories to all residents that live in and around the area of Southend-on-Sea Essex

At present we have just completed another installation or bi-folding doors to the area of Southend-on-Sea this installation was carried out by us and manufactured also by a local company to which we buy from if you feel you need a price for a set of bi-folding doors contractors conservatories it would be a pleasure to supply you with a

All are quotations included VAT fitting and obviously you’re 10 year guarantee

Through our online website to view our latest installations of bi-folding doors carried out in Southend-on-Sea

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Essex bio folding doors

Essex bio folding doors


Essex consevatories supply and install the finest bio folding doors that will not just add value to your home but will also inhance  your life style for those entertaining evenings.

With an aboudance of charm and luxury you can I’ll afford not to treat your self .

Essex consevatories have adopted a different approach to other companies selling these wonderful doors we don’t use any hard sales tactics but just honest advice and guidance .

Take a look at our website as it is full of use full information regarding bio folding doors.

We’re not the cheapest but we’re at what we do.