Essex conservatories lean-to

Good evening

There are many different types of styles of conservatories and all the wonderful tinea shapes and sizes but the most popular one of us has to be the lean-to conservatory

Here it is conservatories we have installed many lean to conservatories the functionality and usability conservatory is absolutely to be utilised at all levels

It goes without saying it’s very desirable to look at it usually sits on a 600mm dwarf wall from the other frame sitting a top with a glass the doors could be located at either end and in some examples there can be a flank wall which gives you a complete desirability Factor if you want to put big TVs or fridge freezers on that anything large like a mirror

It goes without saying is called a lean-to because obviously the roof the roof type being flat which is quite normal this can incorporate all different types of sizes of polycarbonate as well as self cleaning glass

The angle of the roof is anywhere between 5 and 10 degrees to make sure that the water falls off into the guttering

We hope you have enjoyed our blog of Essex Conservatories and hope to hear from you should you need a fix quotation for your lean-to conservatory


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