Essex self cleaning conservarory roof

self-cleaning glass for conservatory roofs

welcome to the days latest entry on Essex conservatories blog this is an interesting subject today as over many years it’s become available with common knowledge that there is self-cleaning glass for conservatories now

It’s not new to the industry that Pilkington’s the major number one supplier of glass in the United Kingdom has been manufacturing self-cleaning glass for conservatories for many many years now

Essex conservatories has been installing this particular type glass he has a molecular layer that sits on the top of the glass and as it rains or everything falls on it it doesn’t actually idea to it a bit like a non-stick frying pan

The massive benefit of this is when you have your local nature things like birds and animals poo on your roof by way of nature itself it is washed away by the rain

This type of glass is quite expensive and can be considerably added to you for your conservatory but please bear in mind they can range from £100 per square metres Plus

Essex conservatories have been installing as we said in a paragraph above for many many years this particular type of class has a very slight tint of blue to it so please be under no illusion that is totally clear only this is apparent in certain times of the day when the sun hits the roof

It also has heat retention qualities as well because we’ve Essex conservatories we feel the painted glass with argon gas which reflects the heat back in but keep all the nasty things like ultraviolet light out of his conservatory this is the type of thing that discolours items like your carpets and your rugs

Please feel free at any time to call Essex conservatories we are not a large company although we don’t confess either to be the cheapest on the internet on the market but we are a great believer in providing quality and peace of mind that your construction is 100% and the installation is also 100%

We operate a seven day in house sales presentation of all our productsl



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